Welcome to TNotes!

Say, how would like to learn to play piano (keys!)? I mean, really play. Not spend hours on scales and playing with only one hand  for months...

TNotes teaches a wonderful Australian- created playing based method that has you playing--contemporary, blues, accompaniment, classical--all within your very first lessons! This is a seriously fun and super successful method that has everyone talking about it. At least in my Studio! 

As a piano teacher, it has been common to believe that you are going to try to teach many students and perhaps one will prove to be worth your time. With this method, every one of my students is playing with both hands within weeks of beginning lessons. By month #3, most of them have at least 20 or so songs on their Playlist and are starting to feel at home with their piano. 

It makes sense, really. Folks don't sign up to "learn"; they sign up to "play"! Isn't that what you would like to do? Music comes from inside us. We help you get used to finding your way around the keyboard and build all the learning on top of that.

Most lessons are taught in groups (2 or more students) and are recommended so. Free info sessions are available to get an Overview of what the method, it's history and operation are all about. 

Call and let's set a time to get together. I think you'll be as excited as I am  when you start to see the possibilities! 

Oh, and if you call and don't get a real person, please leave message. I will get back to you, but we are probably making music and that's not something we like to interrupt!

TNotes Music Studio

5845 Horton #209

Mission, KS 66202